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Who are we?

We here at are a bunch of girls and guys who all share a common interest, that is, we all love to blog. Therefore, we have started the domain and are planning to run a blog now. However, it’s not any blog anymore, but our blog will be for bloggers. Hope you find interest here with us, you are most welcome!

What do we do?

Yes, as I said, we are a blogger for bloggers. Since we are all interested in blogs, we have learned with interest how to make their blog good, how to do it better, and how to make their own blog the best. In other words, this is the perfect tutor blog about how to increase the number of visitors and grow up in this exciting world. We ourselves are an example of how it can go when using our technologies. We started this website just a month ago and we are already up to several thousand readers, thanks to the trix but also thanks to our content. Here on our side you will be able to familiarize yourself with all our tips on how to get started. Everything is very detailed but also neutral. By that we mean there is a template with our tips, but you can fill in the template with what your blog is about. Of course, we can list single tips that are interesting to many readers, if you only want to be known through their blog. Otherwise, our best and most successful tips are blogging about what you find interest in. Then you will always burn for what you write, which in turn makes it easier to update continuously. More about this later on in the blog.

Other information on our website

Our website does not just provide tips and tricks for how to become a successful blogger, we think we are too little. We also have some other texts written about blog history, generally speaking. It’s a way to get perspective on how blogs have once been and that they are a relatively new way of reaching out to readers. Once inside the same track, you will be able to read clearly how blogs have evolved. In other words, we have written how blogs were then, and how they are now. Even that’s a way to get perspective.

What blogs are used for and different types of blogs, we will also review. As you may notice, we are also a blog that helps other bloggers to get started. That is, we are here for both beginners and experienced bloggers. Last but not least, we will review what is the big difference between a blog and a website, which even those who work with blogs may seem tricky to keep track of. Hope you enjoy our blog and take advantage of it!

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